Wells Fargo Advisors Security Statement

How We Protect You
For over 150 years, Wells Fargo has been a leader in its standards for account security. Today, we remain as committed as ever and utilize proven technology to protect your personal information and privacy.

Individualized Password
When you sign up for online access, Wells Fargo Advisors asks you to create your own username and password to access your accounts. This information is encrypted during transmission. We strongly recommend that you do not use your Social Security number as a username or password.

Security Questions
Wells Fargo Advisors requires online clients to select three security questions and provide answers. If we ever need to confirm your identity, your correct answers to security questions will help us verify it's you.

Timed Log-Off
Wells Fargo's system will automatically log you off from Access Online after 30 minutes of inactivity. This reduces the risk of others accessing your information from your unattended computer.

Wells Fargo's computer systems are protected by a firewall that blocks unauthorized entry.

From the moment account information leaves your computer to the time it enters Wells Fargo Advisors' system, all online access and bill pay sessions are encrypted. Wells Fargo Advisors employs some of the strongest forms of encryption commercially available for use on the Web today.

During any transaction, our 128-bit encryption turns your information into a coded sequence with billions of possible variations, making it nearly impossible for unwanted intruders to decipher. Wells Fargo Advisors' computers possess the proper formulas to turn this code back into meaningful information and complete your transaction.

Look for a "closed lock" icon in the lower right-hand corner (Microsoft Internet Explorer), in the right end of the address bar (Firefox 2) or in the top right corner (Safari) of your browser to determine if encryption is being used on any Web page you are viewing. Any Web address beginning with "https://" indicates the page you are viewing uses encryption. The "s" in https:// stands for "secured."

Constant Surveillance
Wells Fargo Advisors' security team maintains and monitors our security systems to make sure that your accounts are safe and secure.

Additional Security Measures
Wells Fargo Advisors' layered approach to online security extends beyond a unique username and password, 128-bit encryption, a powerful firewall, technology updates and continuous surveillance. We have additional security measures that may be activated in response to certain activities or events. If we are suspicious of any online behavior, we may restrict online access to accounts or prevent certain types of transactions. These measures safeguard your identity and your accounts. Further proof of identity may be required before online access is restored.


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